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The KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent manufacturer of high quality semi-finished products and a leading global system supplier of modern materials. Our electrical insulations, composites, solar and electronic materials, as well as special laminates, enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and we belong to the leading companies in many of these sectors.

The KREMPEL-GROUP offers considerable know-how in working with paper, films, fibres, mica, resins, adhesives and plastics. The group has well-established technologies for papermaking, laminating, impregnating, coating, winding, forming, pressing, moulding, machining, braiding, knitting and weaving.

KREMPEL'S wide-ranging product portfolio for Electrical Insulations for: Oil Transformers, Dry Transformers, Motors and High Voltage.

منتجات وخدمات

KREMPEL offers a wide variety of solutions as well as the Electrical Insulation Material appropriate to your special electrical engineering problems:

  • Presspaper & Pressboard
  • Flexible Multi-layer Insulation Materials
  • Prepregs Insulation Materials
  • Mica Products
  • Flexible Electrically Conductive Surface Materials
  • Side and Top Ripple Springs
  • Slot wedges
  • Glas-Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Sheets
  • Glas-Fibre-Reinforced Pultruded Plastic Profiles
  • Insulation Sleevings, Tapes and Cords
  • KAPTON® and NOMEX® Materials


Papierfabrikstr. 4
71665 Vaihingen/Enz

الهاتف:: +49 7040 915-0
الفاكس:: +49 7042 915-200

Rudolf Mitterhammer
Area Sales Manager
الهاتف:: +49 7042 915155

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