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New standard DIN VDE 0100-712:2016-10 for photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems

In October 2016, a new edition of the DIN VDE 0100-712 (VDE 0100-712):2016-10 "Photovoltaic (PV) systems" has been published. The related european Document is HD 60364-7-712:2016. It replaces the previous edition of 2006. The core aspect of the standard is the requirement of an insulation...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co.KG

7 devices in one – the new residual current monitoring system RCMS150

The new six-channel residual current monitoring system RCMS150 was developed for final circuit applications that provide little space and nevertheless require AC/DC sensitive (type B) monitoring. Of particular note is its compact design, since the evaluator and six measuring current...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co.KG

Faster and safer charging of electric vehicles with Smart Grid Charge Controller

As a manufacturer of insulation monitoring devices for unearthed DC drive systems in electric vehicles, Bender is now expanding its e-mobility business to include compact, intelligent and cost- effective charge controllers. As the number of electric vehicles on the roads continues to grow, so...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co.KG

NEW: Gaussmeter BGM 201 - NEW digital precision Gaussmeter for determining the magnetic field strength of permanent magnets and systems

This new Gaussmeter enables user-friendly measurement of magnetic fields by applying the Hall measuring principle. The Hall voltage which is generated in a Hall sensor is proportional to the adjacent magnetic field. The attraction of the BGM 201 is the intuitive touch-screen operation and...

Exhibitor: Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Easy management of data from field devices

SMARTCOLLECT is a data management software for easy and safe measured data acquisition as well as data analysis focussing on energy management. SMARTCOLLECT acquires, stores, visualises, evaluated as well as automatically reports all relevant consumption data of power, water, gas or heat. A...

Exhibitor: Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG

The clear view into the electrical grid

The SINEAX AM3000 is a comprehensive instrument for measurement and monitoring of power systems. It stands out by the display quality and intuitive operation. The device provides a wide functionality, which can be extended further by means of optional components. It can be used directly for any...

Exhibitor: Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG

Power measurement in electrical systems

SIRAX devices provide the basic functionalities of a measuring transducer at a very good price/performance ratio. We offer simple and cost-effective power indicators in our basic monitors BM1200 and BM1400. The multifunctional monitoring devices offer an additional visualisation and operation...

Exhibitor: Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG

Cable entry system KDSClick

The system has a modular design, consisting of only three types of basic components: frames, inlays and sealing sleeves. Unlike conventional systems where the frame must be opened to insert the sealing sleeve and then screwed shut, CONTA-CLIP uses a dimensionally stable solution with a one-piece...

Exhibitor: CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH

Safe and controlled filling of porcelain insulators with SF6 gas

With the new remote commissioning unit “CommGuard Web” it is now possible, for the very first time, to fill porcelain components, such as insulators or measuring transformers, with SF6 gas to a constant gas density in a controlled and safe way from a distance of up to 100 m. Thus...

Exhibitor: DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH

L400/L600 SF6 maintenance units for large and extra-large gas compartments

The L400 and L600 service carts of the Mega Series are equipped with a DILO-made compressor and are our most powerful devices allowing quick maintenance of gas compartments. Thanks to the state-of-the-art control, all functions run automatically and are displayed on a 10“ multi-touch...

Exhibitor: DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH

Next-generation SF6 Multi-Analyser

The upgraded measuring instrument features compact and lightweight design and is equipped, for the first time, with a rechargeable battery to ensure power independent operation. Comfortable operation is guaranteed by a high-quality capacitive 7” colour touchscreen. The new model allows...

Exhibitor: DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH

Residual current protection, DFS 4 B: AC-DC sensitive and economical - Protective devices from Doepke combine safety and availability -

The Doepke DFS 4 B equipment series provides a compact AC-DC sensitive residual current circuit-breaker. With high operating frequencies in the kilohertz range, systems such as photovoltaic installations, frequency converters, high-frequency converters and UPS equipment make high demands on...

Exhibitor: Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH

Don't be in the dark: the Dasy TC - Innovative lighting control with new twilight switch -

The new Dasy TC by Doepke combines the classic twilight switch with a timer switch for individual control of lighting. The additional TC ('Time Control') function makes it possible to turn off the light at certain times when not required, which is useful for signboards, paths, squares and also...

Exhibitor: Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH

WAP - The omniflexible Windows Annunciator Panel

The WAP is the most advanced windows annunciator panel ever designed. In contrast to the mechanical adaption of windows sizes with frames, this device delivers the easy setting up of windows by drag and drop via browser software. Each windows can be fully individually designed in terms of width...

Exhibitor: Elektra Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG

Compact air isulated Ring Main Unit M19

The air isolated switchgear M19 in fix installed design for indoor installation is used as ring main unit in power companies. The switchgear is tested according to IEC 62271-200 Your advantages Compact RMU-panel with 2 compartments Load-break- and fuse-load-break disconnectors in...


Generator switchgear GCB

Our generator switchgears can be used in most different power plants at very high short-circuit currents. Generator switchgears have high demands of availability and personal safety at high current and short circuit loads. They are the interface between your generator and the distribution grid....


Compensation Systems

Engineering processes with electrical devices take up reactive power from the net in addition to the usable effective power. The transport of this reactive power is not effective, this causes additional losses in cables and transformers. Our compensation systems reduce your costs through the...


EMB SMART Buchholz Relay

Capacitive sensor (NM-series) for monitoring of gas accumulation 5 independent contacts 2-level gas alarm Temperature sensor for monitoring of insulating liquids temperature inside the Buchholz relay Possibility for gas sampling and testing on site with new version of EMB Buchholz...

Exhibitor: EMB GmbH

Security 2016: EMKA electronics presents its locking system Agent E Security 2016: EMKA electronics presents its locking system Agent E Secure, flexible, intelligent

The Rack Management System by EMKA Electronics guarantees unambiguous logging and traceability due to its personified access control down to rack level. Moreover, the system monitors all physical parameters in the rack and thus increases the operational reliability of the entire installation.

Exhibitor: EMKA Middle East LLC

Innotrans 2016: New locking solution presented by EMKA

The railway industry benefits from a multipoint locking system of stainless steel components with compression latch function to secure up to five locking points with one handle. In this way, maintenance work on the HVAC installations and control cabinets of a train is significantly facilitated...

Exhibitor: EMKA Middle East LLC

Football rookies of tomorrow: Europe's top players at the EMKA Sportcenter

This year EMKA once again co-hosts the Evonik Ruhr-Cup International. The tournament gives young football players the chance to play in an internationally high competetive tournament like there is no other around the world. EMKA is proud to have teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Benfica...

Exhibitor: EMKA Middle East LLC

PMC – Productivity Mobile Controlling via app

The absolute innovation in vacuum equipment construction: Productivity Mobile Controlling (PMC). This new app of HEDRICH gives you absolute process transparency – any time, any place. Configurate your personal PMC cockpit with the most important performance parameters according to your...

Exhibitor: HEDRICH Group

InterFlex 140, rugged 3-phase TDR based power cable faultpre-locator for field measurement

The InterFlex 140 is a high performance  3-phase Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) for pre-locating cable faults primarily in underground power cable networks from low to high voltage. The rugged design and a powerful  measurement impulse of 160V make it ideally suited for demanding...

Exhibitor: intereng GmbH

The next generation of battery-powered hydraulic crimping and cutting tools

The future of battery-powered hydraulic tools is here. Next Generation in the connect range guarantees the highest fl exibility through innovative equipment. The new technology from Klauke provides the answer to the challenges of our time. While the use of tools is becoming increasingly mobile,...

Exhibitor: Gustav Klauke GmbH

Ergo Strip

For the fast and precise dismantling and stripping of all common round and damp-proof installation cables (e.g. NYM cable 3 x 1.5 mm² up to 5 x 2,5 mm²), data cable (e.g. twisted pair) and coax cable.

Exhibitor: KNIPEX

ACTAS P260 and ACTAS P360 - Portable Switchgear Test Systems

The latest additions to our range of portable circuit breaker test systems, ACTAS P260 and ACTAS P360, are two entirely new measuring systems for carrying out comprehensive tests on medium-, high- and extra-high-voltage switchgear. Expertise gained from close cooperation with network operators...

Exhibitor: KoCoS Messtechnik AG


ACTAS BTT is a new, battery-operated, hand-held measuring device which can determine operating times, contact synchronicity, sequence time and coil currents extremely quickly and easily. Thanks to this extensive functionality and its high measurement accuracy, ACTAS BTT can be put to a wide...

Exhibitor: KoCoS Messtechnik AG


The latest addition to the EPPE product line, the new EPPE PX, is a portable power quality analyser with integrated fault recorder. Sensor inputs, current inputs and galvanically isolated voltage inputs make EPPE PX extremely flexible to use. The rugged carrying case protects the measuring...

Exhibitor: KoCoS Messtechnik AG

EHV Cable Accessories - The complete range for all EHV cables up to 550 kV

The new range of high-voltage cable accessories includes Dry, pluggable cable connections and bushings for transformers and GiS Cable terminations Cable joints Pluggable cable joints The typetested accessories can be used for all XLpe cables and are adapted individually...

Exhibitor: PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH

Stable Renewable Power Supply in Microgrids

The new CrossPower system allows robust and scalable microgrids to be created from renewable energies anywhere in the world. Compared to conventional diesel generators, fuel savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved. An intelligent control system effectively balances power generation and...

Exhibitor: PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH

High Voltage DC Transformers

Electrical energy has become the primary need. It plays a vital role in improving quality of life. Ensuring transportation, availability and reliability of electrical energy is an increasing challenge. We step up to this challenge of insuring in this primary need with our technology and...

Exhibitor: PHOENIX MECANO Power Quality GmbH & Co.KG

Battery powered hydraulic crimping tools 50 kN / 80 kN

Battery-powered hydraulic crimp tool for crimping copper and aluminium conductors with cross-sections 10-400 mm². 360° rotating crimping head. Li-Ion Battery 18V / 3Ah Charger 18V-230V, also as 18V-120V US version available all available crimping dies of the hand hydraulic crimping...

Exhibitor: Rennsteig Werkzeuge

Robustel in M2M Point-of-Sale (POS)

M2M Point-of-Sale (POS) Retail sector is now very vibrant and many businesses are getting an edge over their peers by offering superior customer service. One way that businesses are using to drive sales volume is providing flexible payment options, which customers are happy with. M2M...

Exhibitor: Guangzhou Robustel Technologies Co., Ltd.

A Secure, Fast and Stable Dual Communication for Public Transport

Wherever you live, and whatever you do for a living, you’re almost constantly connecting with the world of transportation, which is one of the reasons so many of us are fascinated by IoT innovations in this diverse field. Nowadays vehicles contain hundreds of circuits, sensors, and many other...

Exhibitor: Guangzhou Robustel Technologies Co., Ltd.

Robustel in Remote Patient Monitoring

Critical Requirements With rapid development of medical technologies, renting medical machine allows patients to have recovery at home without going to hospital more conveniently. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently...

Exhibitor: Guangzhou Robustel Technologies Co., Ltd.

Active Harmonic Filter Series “POWER BALANCE”

Clean power reduces costs. With the increasing demands of electronic consumers, the subject of network quality is becoming more and more important. SCHAEFER's latest generation of active harmonic filters optimize reliable power quality. They offer an elegant and maintenance-free solution to...

Exhibitor: Schaefer Elektronik GmbH

SmartActiveTransformer – Automatic On-load TAP-Changer

On-load TAP Changer ensures a stable secondary power supply in applications of wind-, solar- and hydro energy! The on-load tap changer was specially developed and optimally integrated with the transformer tank in which the switches operate in special vacuum cells to exclude the possibility of oil...

Exhibitor: J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH


The UCC-TEC (Ultra Capacitor Charger) is a charging device which mainly was designed to charge ultracapacitor modules. The latest version can also charge batteries. Different connection types for the modules are possible: up to five modules with a maximum total voltage of 450 V. The unit can be...

Exhibitor: J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH


To be protected against power failures, an uninterruptible power supply on AC or DC side is mandatory. The advantage of AC UPS systems is that this type is buffering all electrical consumers, eg. AC drives, etc. However, an AC UPS system is more expensive than a DC UPS system. If the application...

Exhibitor: J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

Green resins

In response to rapidly increasing global demand for high safety and environmentally friendly technical products, Von Roll has developed a new range of "green & clean" unsaturated polyester, polyester-imide or epoxy based impregnating resins. Depending on the application you use or the market...

Exhibitor: Von Roll Deutschland GmbH

Threaded rods for many electrical devices

Von Roll threaded rods and nuts Delglas have application in high-voltage direct current converter stations and in many other devices such as transformers, generators or switchgears. They are recommended when exceptional mechanical characteristics are required. Von Roll proposes a range of...

Exhibitor: Von Roll Deutschland GmbH

Zyklop Hybrid

Zyklop Hybrid ratchet with switchover lever and 1/2 drive, low weight, ergonomic Kraftform handle with slim head design, long lever and with an extension option.

Exhibitor: Wera-Werk

Joker Switch

Joker ratcheting combination wrenches with angled ratchet head and switch lever. The metal plate in the jaw provides for the holding function which reduces the risk of losing nuts and bolts. The integrated limit stop can prevent any slipping from the bolt head downwards and enables higher torque...

Exhibitor: Wera-Werk

Switchable heavy-duty diagonal cutters BiCut electric VDE from Wiha - Just a touch of a button for more cutting power

In order that multiple tools do not have to be brought along for a variety of cutting tasks, Wiha offers the BiCut, a unique tool for materials of varying degrees of hardness. If used normally, the BiCut easily cuts objects such as cables, iron nails or even hardened spring wire. If something...

Exhibitor: Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH

Three operations in one - TriCut unites three tools in one pliers

The innovative TriCut unites three tools in one pliers, while also setting standards in ergonomic cable processing. It has three processing stations for cutting cables, dismantling cables and stripping strands. The right tool is therefore always available – no matter when, where or how. With...

Exhibitor: Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH

A dozen Wiha screwdrivers which protect health - “12 healthy options, please!” Ergonomic Wiha screwdriver sets promise less pain and more power

Wiha’s ergonomic handle size concept, which is employed throughout all the fastening tools in the SoftFinish®, SoftFinish® electric, SoftFinish® ESD and MicroFinish® ranges, was recommended for better health-preservation and more ergonomic work by AGR e.V.. Wiha now offers two new 12-piece sets...

Exhibitor: Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH

Safe and efficient SF6 handling

As a greenhouse gas, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is an ozone killer, but as an insulating gas in the T&D industry it is indispensable. The handling of SF6 in switchgear and similar equipment requires high sensitivity. The service equipment used for SF6 applications must therefore fulfil the...

Exhibitor: WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

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